Friday, June 23, 2006

Two Finished Projects

Hurray! Two projects were completed on the same day. And on that day daughter (who now and evermore wants to go by Aurora) filed her FAFSA in hopes of financial aid for grad school. We had a mini celebration dance in the kitchen. Really, there should have been a huge feast, but, who has the time? Maybe when the DVD project is wrapped up we will have a proper celebration with friends and relatives.

Here's the knitted bag before felting:

The knitted bag from rovings turned out great! This was my first felting project. I love how it turned out. It accompanied us to the Black Sheep Gathering where I strolled around the booths while spinning. The Turkish spindle and roving fit just perfect inside. (The picture doesn't do justice to the colors, the picture below is better!)

The first run of the Spinning Tutorial came off Kinko machines on Tuesday! It’s such a relief to have this long project finally in print. Reluctantly I opted for black and white after hearing quotes for color copies. Disappointing and unsatisfactory. I’ll offer the black & white copies for less but will run color after this. Color captures the full effect of spinning.

The spinning video has been edited (hours of work!) and now I have only the addition of sound to go. A young woman friend was willing to be my guinea pig and learn to spin for the instructional video. We had fun but it’s definently an amature job. I may end up asking our neighbor to take a new video of it all. Seeing and hearing oneself on video is a strange experience for this person who doesn’t have a camcorder! Still, I think it clearly shows the steps of spinning with a Turkish Drop Spindle. The target date to transfer to and burn the DVD is Tuesday then they should be ready to sell along with the booklet. Another baby birthed!

Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR is this weekend. Ed & I spent several hours there. It’s so stimulating to be around fiber folks, taking in the newest colourways and fibers, being temped on every side by brillant colors and soft wools. I managed to walk away with carders to handle the cashmere I’ve been given and a mass of rayon ribbon to make a hairpin lace skirt. There’s so much fiber stashed here and there in the house, and projects waiting to be worked I’ll be kept busy until the goats come home.

Here I am with the felted spinning bag with Teyani at her booth at the BSG. Teyani wants a felted bag for her Turkish spinning! :-)

The dog bite is healing quite nicely. It’s going to be a dandy of a scar. The owner agreed to surrender him to be put down when the animal shelter people complained of the dog’s aggressiveness. I’m relieved that no one else will ever have to deal with his teeth.

Our son and d-i-l are doing well. They’ve found a cute house to rent in the country near a creek and surrounded by hop farms. Best of all, they’ll be only six miles away.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Emotional wanderings

Beginning a new post is hard when life has been a jumble of events and emotions.

In the past two weeks we've experienced high excitement over a new possible business exposure, dealt with a frightening dog attack, took in a spinning show, and heard news that has rocked our world, all while trying to stay on top of orders and filling them correctly.

This doesn't seem true but I've been asked to do a demonstration on a DIY network show! The details are being worked out.

I hand delivered an order and spent a few hours at Knit and Purl a yarn store in Portland. After more than a year of suppling the shop with knitting needles it was great to finally meet the people who send the email orders.

Later that same day, still dressed up from going to Portland, I was taking packages to the PostOffice when I was attacked by a lab/blue heeler. Day after day I walk the couple blocks to the PO, down the gravel road which dwindles to a two track dirt road that swings around the house on the corner, ending up at the back parking lot of the PO. As I rounded the corner about ready to step onto the parking lot pavement, a dog began barking. He hurled across the road and sank his fangs into my thigh. He was relentless. He kept attacking trying to bite me again. Using the heavy Eddie Bauer courier bag as a shield I was able to deflect each onslaught. I kept shouting trying to get him to back off, and trying to rouse someone's attention. Finally the 20 year old girl who'd been sleeping in a tent in the back yard crawled out and roused herself enough to come up behind and grab his collar. She was of the mind to blame me. She who had been explicitely told never to let the dog off his chain!

When the dog lunged at me again and again two things kept running through my mind: stay on my feet and don't let him bite again. The dog tore two large, inch long gashes through the skin and deep into the muscle, almost to the bone. Ugly, jagged gouging tears that needed a doctor's attention. Silly how I was mindful of the fact that I was still dressed up for going to the doctors, nevermind the ruined bloody pants and terribly expensive hose! The leg is mending and infection is held at bay by high dosage antibiotics. I'm thankful he did not attack one of the dozen kids that often walk and play in that area!

I've been working on a shoulder bag for carrying my rovings when I walk and spin. I looked at several patterns then decided to kind of follow a basic idea but use US#15 circulars instead of smaller needles, and pencil roving instead of yarn. After it's done I'll felt it then put a silk lining inside.

Our son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first child the middle of October. About a month ago they settled on names; Faith for a girl. Two weeks ago they had the regular ultasound. The scans shows that the baby has Dandy Walker malformation. Her cerebellum is not developing. How does one comprehend the devestating news that your little daughter will be born with mental problems! How do you face the huge gaping unknow future? The love that is already strong becomes even stronger and you realize how much you really do love this little developing baby girl.

And so she is, Faith.