Saturday, May 19, 2007


We're so excited about Ed's newest work! He's finally developed a small circular that we feel are of a quality that we're willing to sell. The small bloodwood set on the left? Those are #2! Whoot! He's found a coil and perfected (well, that's still being worked on) his technique on these small babies. Woods and sizes clockwise from the top: Pink Ivory - #9/5.5mm; Kingwood - #6/4mm; Ebony - #10.5/6.5mm; Bloodwood - #2/2.25mm

So often as I move through the day I blog in my mind, and collect pictures to share. And I plan to post on a more regular basis but the opportunity slips away and when I might have time to blog my mind is tired, or blank.

I am feeling fluish/feverish. Sitting at the computer moving only my fingers suits me just fine. (I'm resisting the pull of a nap, there are things I'd rather accomplish.)

Aurora found these dark chocolate covered bits of figs at New Seasons. Ymmm! I like to believe they're very healthy. The roses are from son JJ. They are still adorning the table as the blooms have slowly opened. Finished socks! They only took me, uh... five months. Lorna's Lace on size 5 needles, plain rib pattern. You'd think they would have been a breeze to complete. Lorna's Lace yarn is so soft to knit and I know the recipient will happily wear them. Like the softness of the yarn these socks quietly, politely spoke my name, never shouting for attention, even when all but the toe was finished and they lanquished in the sock bag for a few weeks.I'm wanting to spin silk again. On the left is a
2.3oz Lilac spindle with silk from a hankie. It holds a fast, true spin 40-45 seconds.

The copper spindle is something Ed made just for the enjoyment of playing around to see what he could do with copper last winter. It weighs 1.3oz and holds its spin for only 15-20 seconds. When I used it right after he made it I wasn't impressed by the short spin and slight wobble so had put it away. Sorting through stash the other day I came upon it and gave it another go. A few months of more experience made it more enjoyable to use. The Tussah top silk is a joy to spin, but I still prefer a heavier spindle.

Walk with Me Wednesday took place behind the lawn mower. With days of sun followed by days of rain the grass needs mowing weekly. Even then there are areas that take some careful, slow mowing in order not to choke the the mower with all the lush grass.

This is the most recent project. A friend and I are each making matching summery cotton sweaters. I think it'll be a quick knit though we plan to work on these mostly when we're meeting Friday mornings at The Purl District for Spin and Yak.
Faith woke up from her nap on Thursday in time to help me pack orders.


Blogger Jo said...

What a great busy post this is Wanda, first the needles, great news, the figments sound like fun, gorgeous roses, beautiful colours, lovely socks, my current socks are languishing in their bag too while spinning takes my full attention! I've yet to try silk on the spindle but bought some new hankies this week, nice colour for that Summer sweater too and Faith is always such a treat to behold! Hope you feel better soon.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Charity said...

Congratulations on the needles! They are amazing!

You sure have a lot going on here - I love the like you're spinning, I'm still totally intimidated by the idea of spinning silk...

2:30 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

Oh, look at those rosy cheeks, such delicate colouring, beautiful Faith.

How wonderful about the new needles, they look fabulous, all nice and sharp and pointy!
Mmmm, the colours in that cotton, so pretty!
I had some of those same walks!

3:48 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

good heavens, I'm such a dingbat!
Love those roses! and dark chocolate covered figs? MMMMM, that's my kind of treat, dark chocolate covered prunes are one of my all time favourites.
Beautiful socks!
(You just had so much in this post, should've taken notes!)

I hope you don't come down with some full blown whatever...please, take great care, rest, and plenty of fluids! Feel better soon.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Teyani said...

Can't wait until I can have some of those needles.... totally beautiful!

Baby Faith is cuter by the day!

9:15 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Wanda, I hope you're not coming down with something.
What great pictures, and especially the one of Faith!
There are always delights of one kind or another at your site.

12:08 PM  
Blogger picperfic said...

oh dear...that horrid flu, I do hope you recover faster than i did, the whole of april got wiped out for me and now I still fall asleep at odd times. Right now I should be asleep but Barry is fidgety and so here I am at 3.09am!!

I truly wished I knew what was what regarding spinning, I WILL conquer this need in me to spin one of these days! The wood sounds so beutiful and looks equally so.

Mmmmm those chocolate covered fig bits look so tasty...I go for the yogurty covered fruit, I get migraine from chocolate but I still crave it...silly body!

I am knitting some socks from some exquisite alpaca yarn, I have finished one and have started the other but on my needles they sit, looking at me from time to time as I finish other projects, occasionally I put the completed one on and admire it...I know what you're saying about the time dleay, they are polite aren't they, stunning socks will wait patiently for a loved, not hasty finish ;^)

oh and look at Faith...she so adorable! What a smile!

Thanks for the comments on my blog, the little felted shoe pattern is from Fibertrends and the design is CH-6
FELT BABY SHOES, it's such a delicious pattern, I have just finished making another pair and I will felt them tomorrow. Watch my blog for more info...

I do hope you are soon well Wanda, these bugs do travel so far!

7:19 PM  
Anonymous marjorie said...

I am sure that Faith was a great help in getting your orders ready. I myself would have been totally distracted by Her Cuteness and I wouldn't have gotten any work done at all. I have never had chocolate covered figs but I did make chocolate covered apricots for Christmas(soaked in brandy before dipping.) They were so good, and quite intoxicating. A few nibbles went a long way!

4:33 PM  
Blogger cyndy said...

That copper spindle is a work of art! Ed truely has a gift~ to be able to create such beautiful things!

Seeing Faith just makes me smile, each time!

4:33 AM  
Blogger Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Putting my name down for those fine circulars RIGHT AWAY. And some of the slightly thicker ones too! Ed's work is always a delight and I'm sure my knitting and spinning go so much better when using the tools he has crafted.

I know exactly what you mean about planning a posting and then forgetting - I try to put little headlines on a page on my computer as and when I think of them, but that doesn't always work either and I remember a week later that I didn't post about something really important. Or worse still, I can't remember if I did or not, and have to work back to see if I did!

I imagine Faith was extremely helpful in testing the needles for strength and texture, right?

6:22 AM  
Blogger zippiknits said...

Baby Faith gets cuter and cuter. She's such a little doll.

I love the tips on Ed's newest needles, and of course the bamboo spindle, too. Your blog is just a joy to read.

I always try to read or post too late at night when I'm very tired. I've learned to write down things but still most of it doesn't make the cut. Since it's a personal view and a life to share, this on a web as big as the whole world, some things seem unworthy of interest after the "Wow" little moment during an energetic day.

11:03 PM  

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