Sunday, February 18, 2007


We're still working at making and sending out hooks and needles. We're feeling very blessed by everyone who was so good to buy in volumes during the short sale! And it looks like all of Ed's dental bills will be covered. Ed had four teeth pulled Friday morning. (Restoration work will commence in a couple of weeks.) He came home from the dentist, jaw packed with gauze, and went straight back to work for the rest of the day. He worked 9 hours yesterday, and yes, another full day today knocking off in time for evening meeting. We miscalculated the totals and the time to make everthing. We should have ordersfinished and out by this coming Friday.

I rarely paint my nails. Chipped, worn out nail polish looks tacky, and the smell of the acetone remover is very obnoixous. But on the eve of Valentines' day Aurora brought out some bright red polish with just a hint of purple undertones. How could I resist such cheer for Valentines, especially since Aurora expertly applied it? It was startling to see red at the ends of my fingers. It took only a couple days of packing orders for the paint to begin wearing off. But hey, it was fun while it lasted. :=)

I'm not good about keeping up with my relatives. I think about them quite often but am bad about writing or picking up the phone. And yet I'm so fortunate in having cousins that even after a long silence we're able to quickly reconnect.

I'm at the bottom of the heap in the pile of cousins, on both sides. My oldest cousin could be my dad, he's that much older. His daughters - first cousins once removed - are my age and younger. He's the cousin who's geographically closest to us and was my dad's dearest nephew. Thanksgiving and Easter were always celebrated together our families mingling comfortably together. All of the other many cousins on his side of the family lived on or near the farm Dad grew up on in Minnesota. Twice we made the trip to see them when we were young but it's harder developing ties with long distance, rarely seen cousins..

My mom's sister lived the next state over so there were the occasional summer visits that set of cousins. My brother Jesse stayed with them several weeks during a couple of summers as a young teen. When he died I called one of the sisters in that family. During the course of our conversation we started talking fiber. She's also a spinner! :-) I told her of this blog. Sadly she's blogless. Early this week she sent an email letting me know she was headed to this area to visit her son and d-i-l. We made arrangements to meet at the LYS where I spindle most Saturday mornings.

What a delight to see Faith again (yes there are two Faiths in the family now), her son Tim and his wife Jessica. Faith surprised me with these goodies: White, and black Cormo, and Angora, and the cute bag to hold them.

The black Cormo is nicely cleaned and carded, ready for the spindles. Faith gently cleaned the white cormo leaving in a great deal of the lanolin. I kind of like the greasy feel and am curious to see how it spins. The grey and cream angora is dreamy soft. I'm almost afraid to try spinning it. Not really! I'm pretty jazzed about trying them all. And though I have Charollais on the .9 oz bamboo spindle and Merino/Tencel on the 1.4oz Australian Myrtle I've taken a short break from the BFL so there are a couple spindles that are begging to be put into action. Maybe the grease-in wool will spin well with the Balkan spindle. I'll play around and see what works best on which spindle.

Faith and Jessie brought knitting projects and Tim his palm pilot. We all settled into the comfy chairs in the YS and spent the next couple hours chatting and catching up. Tim, who does not knit, plopped himself down right at home, chatting it up with the owner about getting her store online. I still have a warm glow in my heart and a smile on my face from seeing them. Great people whom I'm thrilled to have as relatives.

"Hi Faith! Thank you!"


Blogger Marianne said...

Wanda, what a delightful post! Your nails are very pretty, I know what you mean about looking at your hands and seeing bright colours on the nails, giggles here.
I'm amazed about Ed having the extractions and going right back to work, and for those hours,dedicated man he certainly is.
I loved hearing about your different cousins, and the visit! How great is that! The fibres she gifted you are beautiful and you are so inspiring.
So glad to read of such a wonderful family gathering and the warm glow in your heart and smile on your face. Very touching.
Thank you!

4:28 AM  
Blogger rho said...

Ow for Ed - that smarts and I can't believe he went right back to work - I would have gone right back to bed :D

You have the hands of a model and the red nails look fabulous...

How fun is it to reconnect with relatives - and find you have a common interest to boot.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous tiennie said...

Glad that things are going well for you. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

10:56 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

As always a 'fiber joy' to pop over and see what you've been upto!

12:31 PM  
Anonymous marjorie said...

I heard that the lanolin in wool is really good for softening your skin while you're working with the wool. So you should have lovely moisturized skin soon! I hardly ever wear nail polish as playing the violin and teaching school and stuff just seems to chip it off. Just today though, I was looking at my dry rough looking hands and wishing for a manicure. My students' hands are nice and soft, and mine look like porcupines.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Artis-Anne said...

What a lovely post :)
Brave Ed going to straight back to work !!
I used to wear nail varnish quite often at one time but hardly ever now , too much hassle and like you I detest chipped nail varnih, but lovely for special ocassions. Isn't it lovely when you get re-connected with family and you find you have joy in their company and to have ones who spin also must be even better:) I haven't heard of Cormo fleece but I do find if I spin ( on a wheel ) with a fleece with more lanolin that it binds together easier so if its a very short staple then it helps . Lucky you having ALL those spindles to play with :)

Re your post on my blog ,DM stands for Doc Martin and I have had my blue pair for years :), I think they still make them and they can come in loads of colours .Our weddings rings we had made from one piece of silver(don't like gold ) that are fit together when they are apart (they are both curvy) and the dark and light tones represent the ups & downs of life and that we are bound together through all .

1:05 AM  

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