Sunday, January 21, 2007

A work in progress, and Finished

During one of the rare frozen blue days we had over a week ago I took Faith out for a walk around the block. Snuggling a baby blanket around her shoulders and head I remembered crocheting a hooded cape for Aurora years ago. That evening I dug through my stash and came up with several skeins of blue&white Lion Brand Homespun yarn. Perfect for a baby who tends to spit up. Next I selected a size O (11mm) Tunisian hook so it'd be a fast project. I've been meaning to make something using the Tunisian technique, and this seemed a perfect match. After a quick reveiw of Stitch Diva's tutorial a hooded cape was begun. A long business meeting saw it grow about 6 inches but some shoulder space needed to be built into the design. The frogging took place immediately after getting home and the new shape started. I was on a mission. Piece of cake. Uh, not really. Three times it was frogged but a good shape finally developed.
(In the picture, one side is slightly folded over the other.)

Since this picture a few more rows of regular crochet was added onto the hood, I still need to add ties and a few embellishments before giving it to Faith. It's my understanding that Tunisian crochet, also known as afghan, or cro-knit, uses less yarn than traditional crochet. It really did work up fast, in spite of my redoing it several times. Tunisian crochet is definitely worth exploring if you've never done any. If you're interested in a hook please visit our website Jenkins Woodworking, Ed makes hooks from size N on up to V. V?! Who ever heard of a size V hook? That's 28mm in diameter! Yep, he's making them now after a request from a yarn shop in Missouri who wanted that size for designing patterns using chunky yarns.

A couple pictures of Faith snapped at meeting this morning.

I didn't get out for a proper Walk With Me Wednesday last week. Walking seems to get shoved to the bottom of my priority list and before I know it another day is gone and I have done nothing more than walk to the P.O. We had a beautiful snowfall most of the morning last Tuesday. I walked up a few blocks up Grandview, the street where soapbox races take place during Summerfest. See the snowflakes dancing around the apples?

Our town was used for the town scenes of the upcoming Hallmark Movie, Valley of Light which will air this coming Sunday evening, January 28th on CBS. Tune in and see our town made up to look the way it may have looked in 1946. There may be glimpse of a plum heather runner I wove several years ago. Our Meetinghouse was used in the movie and I'm hoping the runner was left on the piano during the filming. :-)

Last week I wrote briefly that I'd taken a trip to see my brother.
These mountains seemed symbolic of his life as I flew over them on my way home.
My oldest brother's life has not been easy from the moment of birth when the attending nurse panicked because he was coming before the doctor had arrived. She didn't allow him to be born which caused problems the rest of his life. Then at the age of two he had a terrible case of pnuemonia which he barely survived. For various reasons his life has been filled with hardship and trials. Around November '06 he was diagnosed with inoperable tumors that had spread throughout his body. The visit two weeks ago was to say goodbye to this brother. Though weak and wasted away in body, his spirit and mind were very strong.

Do you see the lake framed by the mountains?

As the plane continued to fly north along the Sierras another lake appeared. I was astonished to see not only the water but a thread of a road which drew a line to a town. A town with people living in what had appeared from 30,000 feet to be wrenching desolution. It's the little dark spot in the center left. Life!

He remained optimist, cheerful, friendly, literally giving his only jacket off his back to someone needing it more than he.

His life was hard but he held strongly onto the thread of this one hope and assurance - God loved him dearly and someday all would be well.

This past Friday at 8 pm he finished his hard run race on this earth and went Home.

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Anonymous Grammy Faith said...

So good to hear from you this Sunday evening. Your photos of the sparse spots of green in Claude's mountains reminded me of our flight through that area this past summer. Sometimes, I wonder if that's how God sees our world - tiny areas of green believers in a huge area of dryness.
We do need to get together to spin and compare sock patterns. I am currently working on wonderful half a fleece of Cormo, which Jenny brings to the library each year after shearing. I'll bring some when I come to Salem to visit Tim and Jessie. I don't use my drop spindle much, though, and could use some tips.
Your felted balls for Christmas looked like an interesting project. I have only felted a hat, plus several old sweaters. Jeff's wife, Kim makes them into the cutest hats, handwarmers, and bags, which she and a friend sell in Bremerton.
What a blessing to have a grandbaby, and a bonus to have her nearby. She is a cutie. I almost never hear my name, but this year we have three babies named Faith - one of them is my brother John's granddaughter. Sometimes I think it will take a lifetime of hearing the Word to live up to that name.
Beautiful photos from your walks... Richard is doing a lot of photography now, and building frames from barnwood for them.
I need your e-mail, please

9:13 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

Wanda, thank you for sharing a part of your brother's story, I took a few minutes before commenting to wish him well, long may his live in the hearts and minds of those who love him,(we know he lives forever).
I'll be looking forward to catching that movie next Sunday, will be looking out for your fibre piece.
I'm loving that hooded cape, and looking forward to seeing it on Ms.Faith, such a beauty (and you know I mean that in many ways). Give her a hug and kiss from me.
Love the photos taken from above.
Also the snowy one with the apple tree.

4:26 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

It's touching and an honour for you to be able to share so much with us, and such lovely photos of Faith, she's really bonny. Wishing you a peaceful week x

4:59 AM  
Blogger cyndy said...

May you feel comfort and peace during what must be a difficult time...

5:26 AM  
Blogger Charity said...

Wanda, my deepest sympathies on the loss of your brother - I hope you can feel my good thoughts and prayers from here to there. Faith is lovely, as always, and I'm sure a comfort to you right now.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous marjorie said...

So sorry to hear about your brother. You will miss him greatly, but he is now at peace with no more pain. Your granddaughter Faith just gets cuter each time we see her! What a lovely chubby baby she is. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Lynn said...

Sending you love and hugs from Texas. It sounds to me like your brother had a good life by eternal standards if not by the way we mortals tend to measure things. What a lovely, loving tribute to a life thoughtfully and gratefully lived.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Faith is a darling, I'm sure that she'll love the cape. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother, it must be hard-- thank you for sharing his memory with us.

6:26 AM  
Blogger anne said...

my deepest sympathies wanda; that is a beautiful tribute you wrote to your brother, and the photos seem to give flight to his spirit.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous angie Cox said...

Deepest sympathies ,you will see him again but the parting for those on Earth is painful and only time will heal. Faith is adorable...a lovely "Friend".

1:07 AM  

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