Sunday, January 28, 2007

Transforming a Town

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Just a reminder to tune in tonight (Sunday) to CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame Valley of Light to get a glimpse of the streets I wander. Course, it's been made over into the 1946 era but the scenery is the same. This "store" which is just around the block from us, was the town store until the fifties, then a hippy hotel in the sixties, now a family lives upstairs. We walked through the downstairs the last day the set workers were putting on the final touches to the store. I wish it was still a store of that time.

The view of the main intersection.The day before the filming starts. The roads have been covered with gravel and dirt.
It was fascinating watching the town transforming under the expertise of quick hardworking people. Sadly the set people had had a hard time finding places to film some of the scenes --ones not in town, such as the river and lake-- by the time they'd settled on places, worked to transform the town, and brought in the actors, sound people, camera crews, and the host of behind the scene workers, they were a couple weeks behind schedule. You don't mess around wasting October days in Oregon. October lures people into a complaceny, especially those from other states who think the wonderful sunny days of autumn will last several more weeks. The second day of filming, heavy grey clouds, rain, and a cold wind moved in. It was fascinating to watch how they were able to manage with the driving rains. (We'll see tonight how well they were able to make it look like summer's end.) As soon as one take was complete, set hands bristled forward armed with copious umbrellas to stand guard over the actors.

Hair dressers from S. CA lumbered around in mucklucks against the rain and chill. In spite of the long cold, miserable hours people were making the best of it, keeping their tempers and rolling with the occasional thunder bursts. Frankly I was impressed with the overall attitude of cheerfulness dealing with extra lighting sets, camera, gear and people needed for the weather. They were always polite and friendly as I'd make my way through the mobs to the PO with packages in my arms. But then maybe they felt a bit guilty for blocking access to our road which became home to the camera and lighting, and food trucks for a week.

That's my red car parked in our driveway on the first day. More trucks moved in with the rain the next day. Yep, that's an RV taking up residence in part of the road.

I'm not big into actors, but I was impressed watching how Chris Klein interacted with the young Zach Mills between takes and off the set. He seemed to be a warm and caring person throughout the filming in freezing rain and blustery weather. Most of the movie was shot at other nearby locations, still,I'm looking forward to seeing our town tonight.


Anonymous tiennie said...

That is cool!

9:58 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

I watched it last night! What a lovely village/town you live in. I agree with you, wishing for the store as it was...and remembering the little general stores in smaller towns when I was very young, they were full of the odd surprises, had an air of mystery to them that I loved. Alas, the inside of the church scene didn't reveal your woven piece, I was watching for it.
Thank you so much.

3:28 AM  
Blogger cyndy said...

Darn, I wish I had read this last night!
perhaps there will be a rerun?

7:17 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

It's lovely for a glimpse behind the scenes, it looks like a lovely town to live in, and the store, looks just like they do in the old movies, and I can see why you wish it was still a store.

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that blog. Zach Mills is my son and he has wonderful memories of that shoot. We want to visit again. Chris Klein was so wonderful to Zach, that's true. He bought him a juggling set and really made it fun for him.
We ran into Chris a few months ago at an HBO table read. He and Zach were so suprised and happy to see each other. Zach gave him a big hug, just like Matthew gave Noah.
Thank you for the wonderful pictures. It was such an honor to meet the wondeful people of that town.
-Kerry Mills

11:15 AM  

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