Thursday, December 07, 2006

Creek Walk

Walk with me Wednesday didn't happen until midafternoon as the sun was slipping behind the south ridge. Stepping outside the sky was smudged with a combination of wood smoke and fogfiltering out the sunlight. It happens sometimes in the winter when the high pressure presses down over the valley, trapping pollutants. Instead of walking to the top of the ridge to gaze at the Cascades, my steps turned to the local county park, which is closed in the winter.

This sign doesn't deter the walker, not one bit. Many trails sidestep the closed gate.

A trail leads down to the base of the creek. Hard to believe this is trampled daily during the summer.

Rounding a bend the fish ladder chuckles into view. There's not as much water as there should be for all the rain we've had.

A few steps more and Butte Creek rushes past, but the path is blocked. Is this intentional? The sign warns not to fish for salmon or steelhead.

Look at the way the earth swirls and arcs on the other side of the creek. I don't recall seeing that before. Apparently the heavy floods of a few weeks ago washed enough bank away to reveal this formation.

Back to the path which leads down besides the fishladder, the trail is overgrown with blackberry brambles. No way are we treading through them without leather gloves and a stout stick.

Turning back my steps lead to the main area of the park and I walk across the small concrete wall which forms a pool at the top of the fish ladder. A large tree trunk is wedged into the chute effectively slowing the volume of water for the fishladder.

Dropping to the rocks on the other side of the pool,

Scotts Mills Falls

(Please click on pictures to better see the details.)

Fibery things!!! Pictures to come in a future post.
Yes, the Red Sweater is slowly building round by round, a few each day. It's taking a back seat to some other projects that I'd like to finish by Christmas. (Please don't laugh. As slow as I am, I can still try.)

I've been spindling almost everyday. Ed's playing around with yet another spindle type and it's been fun to play with that one. I spun enough to ply with a ball from the Turkish spindle. The yarn is slowly accumalating for Faith's blanket.

Speaking of whom:

Six weeks


Blogger Charity said...

I love watching Faith grow through the pictures you share! What a wonderful walk you took - such beauty.

I think it's great that you've been spindling every day. I would love to do that, but seldom seem to make the time. :0)

1:03 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

Such beautiful walks you take us on, I love seeing the photos you take, the lines you find interesting...the little treasures here and there, thank you again.
Hello Faith, how have you are such a happy baby, you always seem to be quite pleased.
Yep, one of these days...I just might be writing that I've been spindling a bit ;)

1:56 PM  
Anonymous KC said...

Thank you for sharing you lovely walks! It is a joy to see the beauty in the simple things you see every day.

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic photographs of your lovely walk, nice to hear of your daily spindling, I do hope to conquer a hand spindle eventually too!
She's such a beautiful baby, six weeks already! I still remember when Neo was like that!

12:41 PM  
Blogger cyndy said...

Beautiful photos, I can almost hear the water rushing by...

your Faith is lovely also...

4:14 AM  
Anonymous angie cox said...

What a lovely baby and you can see the happiness in those gorgeous eyes.

10:11 AM  

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