Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Memory Walk

Another Walk With me Wednesday, just like last week - wind tangled rains trying hard to cast all things in grey. Looking out the window, I groaned. The outdoors did not beckon. Coffee did. Still with a car journey ahead a walk was in order.

Striding down the road the I sniffed the sweet, tangy scent of cottonwood. I love this smell. It almost always swirls me to the distant rose colored canyon of my youth where cottonwoods held sway outside the trading post down canyon from my home.

Rounding the corner the gleaming lamp posts seemed out of place. Marion berry vines strung along posts use to dominate the field. (Click for bigger pictures) Years past I'd get up early and gallop my horse several times around this field exercising him before heading off to work at the school.

Walk with me the half mile along the road to the school at the end. For years the kids and I daily walked this stretch of road in wind, rain, snow, and sun. One lucky, snowy year I strapped on my cross-country skis and skied to work. (Don't laugh - a person has to take advantage of those rare inches of snow.) In those days (Do I sound old!) the school bus did not pick up any town kids who lived within a mile of school so we almost always walked. A good slicker and walking briskly kept us kept us mostly dry.

Changes have come in the last three years. What's missing in this picture?

Sheep! Twenty-five sheep used to graze under these oak trees. A pleasant sight on any school day, especially in February when lambs were born. The sheep are gone, homes have been built along the edges of the old pasture.

See the bell tower? Kids in fourth grade still take turns ringing it every day at 9am. Quick, best take your seat if you don't want to be counted tardy. The bell tolls loud enough that it can be heard around the hollow that snuggles my town.

Turning back to home, walking along the empty sheep pasture, I hear a frog loudly croaking from the ditch. Stopping to see if I can spot him, I see instead a good leather basketball visiting the tree and rock. If kids still walked to school it would not stay here long.


Blogger Charity said...

I love taking a walk with you each week! The idea of a school that still rings the bell each day pleases me - how nice.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Karen said...

This is lovely - I feel as though I'm right there.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Marianne said...

Wanda, thank you so much for inviting us along, it was a lovely walk, I imagine you do miss the sheep, especially the wee lambies gamboling about.
Thank you thank you thank you, a lovely way to start my day (although I've been up since 5am) ;)

6:23 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

Lovely walk today, really enjoyed it. You put me to shame, glowering out the window as I was at the wind and rain and grey gloomy day. I should've been out there revelling in the stormy conditions instead of building up a big turf fire...

9:30 AM  
Anonymous marjorie said...

Hi, I haven't linked to you before but I really enjoyed reading your posts and walking with you! I am so glad your adorable little granddaughter is alright.

2:26 PM  

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