Monday, October 16, 2006

Sweater Time

Thanks to Lynn, Marianne, Debbie, Jo, Teyani, Fibercrone, and others who responded to my plea for readers to send an email to our business address. (Sorry, I'm at the second computer which doesn't have your urls readily at hand.)I'm so grateful to the gathering of blogfriends! I think the wrinkles are finally ironed out, I certainly hope so. It’s hard knowing with email - you just don’t know if one never found the proper path to the inbox.

A group of small entrepreneurs went together on a one page ad in Interweave Press Holiday Gift issue and wouldn’t you know, just when it’s landing in people’s hands our host server decides to vanish with nary a whimper nor apology. Almost an entire week of no website or email available for hot buyers to access our business. IP even had phone queries about our site. Not good.

Red Sweater KAL has entangled me in her tendrils. Please don’t ask me what I’m going to knit! Realize, this will be the SECOND garment I’ve knit. (No, socks don’t count.) It’s a bit of a gulp. Red is a great color for me and I’ve been dreaming of knitting a sweater. I have no idea what pattern to use. Any suggestions for an easy, maybe a top down, in the round. I want to do some stitch patterning. Jo suggested some type of shepherd smock or tunic. I like that idea a lot. Now for a pattern.

The one sweater I’ve knit so far:

This was taken yesterday while working on the second tiny sleeve. Isn’t it precious? The first grandchild, Faith, is due any day, as in, she’s two days late. I know, it should be totally done by now. I still need to assemble it. Tomorrow. My eyes couldn’t deal with grafting tonight.
Material: Mango Moon
Needles: Crystal Palace 3 & 4

Our incredible, long-lingering summer has bowed out to the much needed fall rains. Early Saturday morning sunlight shimmering in the cherry and willow trees at the corner of our back yard. With coffee cup in hand I sat on the steps breathing in the air which bore a hint of the rain to come, knowing with a deep sadness that summer was over. October has long been my favorite month, a remanent of summer without the heat. Cool, woodsmoke tinged, star-studded nights, the fall winds and changing atmospheric pressure dispersing the summer pollutants. I want to hang tightly to these jeweled days before the real cold and endless rains set in. The occasional few days of rain are embraced but the long grey weeks of rain can enduce a bleakness of spirit. I'm not quite ready for the daylong feeding of the woodstove, wiping the mud off the dog's feet, dressing in layers.


Anonymous Marianne said...

Glad to be of assistance. Wanda, that wee sweater *is* precious. Love the colour. Jo has great ideas, shepherd's smock, tunic, and I like the idea of knitting from the top in the round, sounds like a winner! Now just to figure it out, eh?
I know what you mean about the weather, but as more time goes by I find myself trying that much harder to 'make friends' with the cold, and the damp, looking at the activities better suited, well, like finding a comfy spot and knitting. Oh, I know, those pesky chores, I just try and get them done ASAP to clear the time.

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Marianne said...

I saw from your comment you're wanting a yarn click on 'tools' they have a set of instructions on how to make one, possibly that talented woodworking husband of yours could make you one?

1:28 PM  
Blogger Fiberjoy said...

Thanks for the link to the instructions, Marianne. Ed's had a couple of previous customers ask him to build a swift (as well as other fiber tools) but as the only person making items for our business he can get stretched pretty thin. When he's feeling creative and the need for something totally different he'll sometime take on such a project but I don't want to add to his work load. Maybe as a Christmas/birthday present though, if I can wait that long. :-)

3:54 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

With you on the rain and mud front, Wanda - we have had five days of continuous downpours, and then this morning it is bright, clear and cold. Won't last though - next Atlantic front already moving in. Never mind - think firesides, hot drinks, candles, knitting time!

2:42 AM  

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