Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The draw of my name and a low number meant my presence was required at the county courthouse Monday.

Over one hundred people waited like sheep in a corral. Most people didn't have anything to occupy themselves with while we waited. The Turkish Spindle kept me content until everyone was accounted for and the inquisition of jurors began. An hour later my name was one of the selected thirteen.

Almost a year ago a disgruntled person drove his four-wheeler up the marble steps into the front of the marble county courthouse. The courthouse which is still being repaired and remodeled is close to completion. We were told we were the first jury to use the new rooms. It showed. Apparently they expected us to drink the water from the faucet with our hands, then dry our hands on our shirts for there were no cups, paper towels or even a trash can. And the room was freezing.

Tuesday coffee and cups were brought into the jury room for us. And the room was stuffy and warm.

Yesterday morning I realized it was the perfect time to start a pair of socks I'd been itching to make with Blue Moon cotton sock yarn I'd bought over a month ago. The newborn sock on the roof of the parking lot ready to head for jury duty.

During the long lunch break I walked a few blocks to a well known local stationery store to look for a pen to write on our dark wood products. I have a pen that is excellent for writing the sizes and our name on the maple knitting needles and crochet hooks, but I haven't found anything that works well on the exotic woods or on the walnut hairpin lace frames. I need something that has a very fine tip, doesn't bleed into the grain and dries very quickly. I bought several calligraphy nibs hoping I can get the hang of using one dipped in gold ink.

After a second very long day of listening to witnesses and lawyers, of trudging back and forth between the courtroom and jury room too frequently here's the first sock ready for the heel to be turned.

The courtroom wasn't available today which meant trying to get caught up on orders and shipping. I was hoping to get a batch of the spinning tutorial printed for the several dozen ordered. Maybe Friday. Tomorrow the jury hears the closing arguments then deliberates. I suspect the sock will be finished by the end of the day.

Here's the bag that Aurora asked me to make for her. It's about 1/3 done. I thought about taking this to the jury duty but the socks won.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wanda, I am definitely going to try making socks. It can't be as bad as I remember from schooldays. And your husband's hooks and spindles are superb. My next birthday gift to myself (don't worry it's fairly soon!)


11:20 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

Love the bag too. Is that done on a circular?

12:07 PM  
Blogger Fiberjoy said...

Hi Jo,

Yes. US #15 (10mm) circs, 24" for the bottom (Stockinette) then 16" for the rounds. Using unspun Corriedale pencil rovings - Rhumba colorway -

5:20 PM  

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