Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer busyness

Sixteen years ago we planted a two foot tall slender branch of a tree in our front yard. Neighbors and friends laughed for the first few years at the scrawny little tree. But in a few years we were enjoy picnics under its shade. Its canopy provides cooling shade for our house and woodshop. The Catalpa tree is the last to unfurl leaves in the spring, display its blossoms for a couple brief weeks. The scent and beauty of the masses of jasmine/honey blossoms and the shade she provides is worth the long ugly pods! She is the only tree in bloom right now.

Fourth of July is over and maybe we can get to sleep before midnight. For the past week neighbors have been celebrating nightly. We fall asleep only to be jolted awake by rockets bursting in air. I'm exhausted and on edge! Doesn't help that my body's been having hormonal hassles and I wake up repeatedly through the night. Mind wide awake early in the morning, body tired. Desperately want to sleep in but not able to fall back asleep.

The neighbor's young rooster is discovering his crow and tries to herald in the first light. After four days the sliding ur-uur-u-u-h has settled into a half decent ur-ur-ur-ur-urrrr, properly winding up and dying away. I keep telling him he'd better stuff a sock in it or he'll be stuffed. When his owners come back from vacation and hear him crowing it'll be the oven for him. Only hens are allowed to live in their yard.

Last Friday we helped our son and his wife moved into a small rental near a huge farmhouse surrounded by hop fields. It's a cute yellow "grandmother's house". They invited all the church folk, friends and relatives over for a Fourth of July barbecue potluck. We set up under the sprawling oak tree and a couple well groomed apple trees in their front yard. The weather was warm with a hint of a cool breeze and occasional fluffy clouds scudding across the sky. Morning which began with waves of thunder rolling across the sky were soon blown further north.

Tons of salads, meat, casseroles and desserts lined the tables and grills. Guitars, a bass and my fiddle were brought out as the sun sunk lower. People gathered round and joined in the singing. Day ended with the sun diving through feathered lavender and apricot clouds. Brilliant!

Aurora loved the Spinner's Walking Pouch and wanted a modified version of her own. (Picured in previous blog.) Sitting under the oak visiting with friends and relatives I knitted away on a new one for her. Knitting roving is a great conversation starter. People are used to seeing yarn being knit but not roving. The pouch will be a bit narrower and taller. She loves the shoulder strap feature; it's so much more convenient to have both hands free. My Spinner's Walking Pouch pattern can be purchased. $3USD will get you the pattern in a clear cover, with shipping included. Just email me. :-)

Saturday we finally had the opportunity to work in the yard. Ed moved, split and stacked oak firewood.

While he worked at that I climbed the ladder and picked the ripe pie cherries from our tree, pitted them and placed them in the dryer. It's a bit discouraging to work four hours and a couple days later have only a few bags of dried cherries to show for it. But it's worth it. They're delicious in hot cereal, cookies, cakes...


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what an amazing tree- it looks like orchids!

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