Sunday, July 30, 2006

Spindles, Hank, and Meeting socks

So much for updating at least once weekly.

No one remarked in the previous post that Ed is spinning the Ladakhi spindle left handed. He's one of those people who do some things right handed and others things left. No rhyme or reason, just what feels correct. He also has no sense of right, left, or direction. It does no good to quickly blurt, "Turn left!" for by the time he figures out which is left the turning point is long past. Instead say, "Turn fork side."

He completed four Ladakhi spindles; two Bolivian Rosewood and two apple. He thought apple may be in keeping since apple trees are in so many parts of the Northern hemisphere and we have no access to proper Ladakh wood. I'll be test spinning them this afternoon.

Hank the Kitty is still with us and thriving. No question he's an entrenched member of this family. With the exception of Silky our cats have chosen to abide with us. It is not our place to choose. How can cats that appear faithfully on our porch not be feed? Most are Porch Cats - thankfully there are only two who currently claim that title - they prefer to remain outside. Silky and Old Cat were the only housecats until Hank who has, without question or permission, declared he is a beloved house cat.

How he loves to play and then curl up on our laps purring loudly. When not playing he wants to be wherever we are.Our one concern is his attraction to the chickens. Cruel slashing sharp beaks could shred him in seconds.

It was a long week of daily meetings as a representative of our small Friends Meeting at the NW Yearly Meeting which took place about 30 miles away at George Fox University. Mornings began early in the attempt to do some office work before leaving the house shortly after 7. The drive is beautiful, even on the first days when the temperature hoovered around 100 degrees. All the green of various crops, and grass seed fields being harvested. and the multicolored flower fields.

Eye candy.

Looking east to the Cascades, we live at the edge of the foothills somewhat in the left center of the picture.

Just to the right of the previous picture is Mt. Angel with the Benedictine monastary at the top with its unique Alvar Aalto library where I use to work.

Jury Socks went to meetings with me. As long as some of the sessions lasted you'd think it would have been completed. But there is the matter of giving one's full attention at times. The last session lasted over four hours, without a break!! But we resolved an issue that had been weighing heavily on our hearts. I felt so blessed to be part of a large group of Friends who talked, prayed, and listened with great love, compassion, and a deep feel for unity. Wow, how many times is a polarizing dilema ironed out without anger, heated words, and ultimately division. Instead there were many tears and expressions of desire for understanding. When the approval was finally voiced those who'd disagreed seemed at peace.

Aurora's bag should have been done a week ago. You'd think the shoulder strap would behave and quickly fall in place, but no, it had to be contrary. Three times it's been frogged! I was within six inches of being finished when the rovings gave out. First frogging back to the beginning of the strap. I switched to a smaller needle size and lightly thinned the rovings. Half way along the strap and it slowly dawns that there is still not enough! Frogged again and this time the roving has been thinned by half. Maybe today the strap will cooperate. There're two more projects that really need attention to say nothing of the next ones pleading to be started.


Blogger Jo said...

Wanda, welcome back! We missed you! So happy to hear that the week went well.

I want an APPLE spindle! Didn't know you did them in apple wood but MUST have apple. It's one of the most powerful magic trees in Ireland (possibly with you too?) With the possible exception of rowan or mountain ash, there is no wood better to have close by.

Cats that choose you are always the best. They know what they're doing.

And TELL me about frogging! I've moved on in the sock experience since we last talked, and that too has involved quite a bit of heartrending ripping.


P.S. Put my name on that apple spindle right now...

2:17 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

...and all the best artists spin left-handed. Didn't know there was any other way!

2:20 PM  
Blogger rho said...

I am just so glad to hear of another person who doesn't do left and right -- If I am giving directions you had better be able to see me as I usually go "turn...ummmm...that way" and point

4:54 PM  
Blogger Teyani said...

wonderful post Wanda- love the photos (is that clover?) and that little Hank.. what a cutie!
the new spindles look amazing. How do they spin?

7:57 AM  
Blogger Peg said...

Hope the strap worked out. I have a project on the go that is giving me trouble and I have frogged twice, now I will complete it!
Beautiful eye candy. Are those flowers perhaps grown for the florist industry? I am only a bit north of you - living on Vancouver Island.
Glad that your problem was solved. It is not always easy, but it can be done.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Fiberjoy said...

Thanks for all the comments. Jo's spindle is flying to her at this moment, should be there any day. I'll be watching to see what magic she spins with it.

Rho, Pointing out a direction is often best!

On the Navajo Rez I learned to point with my lips, to point a finger is rude, and I still tend to point with my lips without thinking when someone asks direction.

Teyani, We're having a great time with Hank. The spindle is not as swift and smooth as the Turkish. Something about it really appeals to me, maybe because it is unrefined, tends to wobble, and demands attention!

Peg, There are acres and acres of flower fields blooming all around this area right now. They are grown mainly for the seeds. I have a cousin whose husband is manager for a huge pepper industry in BC, just over the border near Langely. Someday I'd love to visit Vancouver Island.

7:05 PM  

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