Thursday, May 18, 2006

Spinning the blues

Twice during this month of May I have been grateful for my Turkish Spindle while spending time waiting in a hospital e.r. Spinning really helps to pass the time being productive but mindless. The first episode was with my daughter who needed some serious pain meds while dealing with a burst cyst.

(See the crochet hooks peeping from behind the wool? Those are the first three of the special hooks Ed is making with a pearl on the end.)

The seizure felled him like the trees he thins from the woods. The crash jolted his wife out of bed and into the kitchen where he'd been getting ready to pour his early morning coffee. Blood gushed from his nose, split lip and eyelid. The seizure was brief and with the help of the oldest son they soon had Sylvan to the local emergency room. An ambulance transported him to the nearest Truama center when X-rays showed that he needed serious help from an experienced specialist.

Sylan, his wife Singer and family are close friends so when the son called to let me know I quickly finished packing a few orders then drove the 40 miles to be with Singer at the hospital. As can be the case at a trauma center, they were booking it. More patients than beds/rooms available. And so his guerney was located near the command center, until a bed could be made available. His lip,and eye were stitched and CT scans taken, but the nose was still off-center. The worst damage is a broken upper jaw which has completely seperated from the skull. Unfortunately the surgeon needs to wait until the swelling goes down in order to reattach the jaw.

The day was spent quietly waiting together, watching the action in the center, talking some, and for me, spinning yards of blue.

I will be with Singer again tomorrow during his surgery. He'll have a titanium plate put in to hold the bones together. My spindle and blue roving with accompany me. I have no idea how long surgery may take but I don't mind being there, it's the least I can do for good friends.

I could knit them blue socks while Sylvan's jawbone in knitting.


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