Thursday, May 25, 2006


An update on Sylan: Friday his broken nose was fixed and a titanium plate was put in to secure the upper jaw to his skull. He was released from the hospital on Sunday. The pain is still bad but he's managing.

I'd planned to borrow a neighbor's serger machine to make Sam's jacket but we haven't been connecting and so I'm tackling it with my good old Singer. The peices were cut and a binding stitch around all the parameters to hold the cut woven fabric together. This was done last evening. The lighting in this place isn't too good so I put on one of our headlamps we use for camping. It works great when threading heddles or anytime I need direct lighting and free hands! The fabric is navy, not as light as in the pic. I'll assemble it this afternoon.

This area of the Pacific NW has had days of rain following the record high temperatures from a couple weeks ago. Walking in the rain can be enjoyable but it doesn't work to spin in the rain. Spinning has slowed down as I'm zeroing in on finishing Sam's jacket and the socks. Next blog will have a picture of these double-trouble socks - displayed on feet. :-)


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