Monday, May 15, 2006


Pearls hold special meaning to Ed and I. He lived a few years in Japan when he was young. His mom helped to cultivate his taste not only for the culture and food but the pearls. When we were married he presented me with a strand he'd bought, for his future wife, while still living in Japan. A few years later his mom gave me her fresh water blue set.

Ed will be incorporating some pearls in his woodworking. He plans to make special crochet hooks, knitting needles and hairpin lace frames with a pearl or two attached. He does such good work, I'm looking forward to seeing these new creations. In the meantime here are the pearls he picked up today. One of the strands is for me to use in knitting a bag. I'm going to try my hand at beaded knitting. (Background is four-shaft huck lace that I wove for our display booth for Convergence 2004.)

Progress on the Double-Trouble socks is rounding slowly upward.

I'm in awe of all the people who're able to knit socks in a relatively short time. I get the impression there are knitters who knit a pair of socks in a couple days, and with fancy patterns. Meanwhile I soldier on with K2, P2 ordinary socks...

The socks accompanied Sam and I to the city last Wednesday. Rounds were knit while we sipped Italian Sodas at a table on a busy street corner in front of a Bistro in SW part of downtown. A perfect photo op but for the lack of a camera. Sam kicked off her sandals and pulled one of the socks on her foot. She's delighted with them: she's easy to please.

Mother's Day afternoon was perfect for sitting out on the freshly mowed back yard knitting on the socks. A neighbor came by and asked to see the towel. She's astonished anyone would knit a towel. Truthfully, so am I.

Since Sam's moved home my yarn stashes have moved from quick access on shelves to boxes in the closet. I've kept a couple cones close to hand but I'm determined to finish the socks before tackling the beaded bag...

Last week the Abiqua Strings played two performances. Most of my free time was used in practicing for them. The perfomances went well, and it's good to have them behind me. Now I have only a recital next week, then the violin can take a back seat to other work for awhile.


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