Sunday, May 28, 2006

Complete Double-Trouble

Hurray, the Double-Trouble socks are finished! Sam has declared that she loves them and is wearing them even now. She had a hard time explaining why she loves the feel of socks I knit for her. But I think it's because they snuggly fit her feet. She has long very slender feet with a high arch and most socks are a bit sloppy around the heel and toes. She likes the feel of the lightweight wool sock yarn that I use.

I'm of mixed emotions about making another pair of double-trouble socks:

1. The toe of this style worked up very nicely once I got the hang of it -- after ripping and starting over again three times.
2. The gussett seemed non-existant and with Sam's high arches I had to do some adapting and modifying. A rather daunting process to this self taught knitter.
3. Finishing at the tops presented another problem. When bound off as I normally do the top bind-off was too tight, no elasticity. It was painstaking to carefully undo the bind-off round. Following instructions for binding-off double ribbing in Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets gave them a nice elastic finish, and taught me a new process.
4. I LOVED it that both socks knit at once and there's no second sock syndrome.
5. Once learned, I enjoyed the logic and rhythm of moving between the two circular needles; tops of both socks on the blue circs, soles/backs of the socks on the purple circs, round and round.

The woven jacket is sewn together. I'm knitting a black biased border binding to go up the front and around the neck. I'll hem the bottom (her choice). Haven't quite decided if I want to trim the sleeves with a border of matching woven material, plain hem like the bottom or put the black knit binding on them. They all have merits though the first is my last choice. I'll put the binding on the front and then decide.

I'm practicing a bit of twisted knitting with the binding. The odd middle stitch is twisted which will give the binding a natural turned ridge down the middle to facilitate putting it on the edges. After reading about and seeing pictures of Lena'sbeautiful mittens I wanted to learn this technique.


Anonymous Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I love the yarn you used in those socks - what is it?

10:19 AM  
Blogger Fiberjoy said...

The sock yarn is Socka
Made in Germany Stahl sche Wolle.
 Color 9124 Lot 37481.

#2 needles

The stripes turned out so cool! :-)

7:08 PM  

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