Monday, May 08, 2006


It's been a week of fighting the flu and not having energy for anything other than the necessary chores.

I’m waiting to borrow a neighbor’s serger to sew the jacket. I think I’ll be able to pick it up on Thursday. The next project to go on the loom will be cotton material for shirts. I’m getting jazzed about making some new shirts to give friends for the summer. I’ve also been looking through patterns for a simple summery cotton pullover to knit. So many choices!

The heels have been conquered. I did some modification. It just didn’t seem right to turn the heel exactly like the toe. They look a stranger than the top down sock heels which I’m used to, but I certainly like the toes on the double-trouble socks. I’m beginning to think I may knit a few more pairs to really get a feel for the overall process and look.

The bath towel is coming along. A 20 minutes per row it’s not a speedy thing but I think it’ll make a very absorbant, cushy towel.

This week our daughter is housesitting for our neighbors so she's been popping in for occasional meals, morning walks and chats. It's been fun having her close to home. She's paying $300 for a bedroom. A college roommate will be moving to Portland in a couple months and they're hoping to share an apartment. Realizing how much she's shelling out each month we suggested she come home and save that money for an apartment.

Tomorrow I'll move weaving supplies and music gear to the living room then figure out where we'll hang our finished products to dry. I've gotten so spoiled having that room for these projects!

It would be harder to adjust except she's great company and one of those people who sees what needs to be done and rolls up the sleeves and dives right in, with a good attitude.

Come to think of it, I could get spoiled! 8-O

A clover field blooming up the road from our place.


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