Sunday, April 16, 2006


Oh death, where is thy sting?
Oh grave, thy victory?
Jesus Christ conquered death!

After a stormy day of branches hurling from trees, rain slashing new blossoms, and unseasonable snow during the night, dawn greeted us with a few tattered clouds scurrying from the sun rising in a sapphire sky.

A sunrise service was held up the Butte Creek basin at the Scout Ranch in the huge lodge with a roaring fire. It's hard to play a stringed instrument with freezing fingers and chattering teeth. We had a rousing celebrating with everyone joining in the singing followed by a hearty breakfast put on by some of the cowboys.

A package arrived in the mail from Crown Mountain Farms.
What soft, lucious colors! I'm especially delighted with the mountain sunrise roving, seen at the top. Perfect for the spring. The colors of sunrise on Mt Rainer was the inspiration for this colorway by Teyani. If I walk up to the top of the ridge on clear sunny days -- like today :-) Mt Rainer can be seen in all its magestic splendor. Sinking my hands into the soft masses of fibers, visions of spinning, weaving and knitting garments filled my head. Now for the talent to create some of those images! I can hardly wait to begin spinning these rovings. Since I use only a Turkish Spindle it will be awhile before I have enough spun to do much with but half the fun is the dreaming. I also want to try my hand at knitting directly from the roving. This whole world of working with unspun fibers is so new, with so much to learn!

I finished doing the taxes. Hurray, more time to devote to fibers and music. Hmm, sometime I must work on the yard!


Blogger Teyani said...

what a fabulous photo!
I'm so glad that you are in "fiber bliss!"
May it bring you hours and hours of sweet joy - and may all the fun I had dyeing it flow out to you as you spin and knit!

6:03 PM  

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