Friday, April 21, 2006


The rovings from Crown Mountain Farms want to be spun and made into items. Other obligations hinder much progress but almost an ounce each of the Mountain Sunrise and Autumn have been spun.

The mountain sunrise is begging to be woven into a summer shirt. Not sure yet what I'll do with the Autumn. Yesterday I took Autumn spinning during my quick walk up the hill for a short workout/spinning session. As the days grow warmer I look forward to more roaming while spinning.

Only one bobbin full left to weave on Sam's jacket material! Tomorrow I'll draw out the pattern on paper, cut it and make sure it works before cutting the weaving. Most people would do this first! I was so excited about warping and weaving that once I'd gotten Sam's measurements I couldn't wait to draw the pattern.

The socks are very slowly creeping to the heel. I'm trying not to think ahead to how in the world one does the heel when working on two circulars. The double-trouble pattern simply says to do it the same as when making the toe. Hello? The toes were each done on seperate needles, then joined once they were finished. Any hints/directions would be greatly appreciated.

The cotton chenille towel takes 20 minutes per row. I manage to work on it during odd moments. Crazy, I want to start crocheting lace curtain for the bathroom! I'm trying to restrain myself and wait until at least the socks are closer to being done.

Meanwhile this spring weather with it's variations of rain and sun has the grass growing too quickly for me to keep up with.
A view of our yard before tackling it with the lawn mower this past Wednesday:


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