Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Tuesday evening, just when the week seemed organized in manageable chunks with projects and goals lined out in a way that preserves the sanity, the phone rang. It was the Mandolin Magazine publisher, “The articles are ready for proofing. I’d like them read ASAP.” Gulp. I’ll drop them by her house tomorrow morning when I take the spinning tutorial to Marilyn who lives just a few miles from her. It’s a beautiful drive along a ridge of the Cascade foothills.

One long, concentrated session at the kitchen table early this morning, armed with coffee and a red pen, and the first read through was finished. Early tomorrow morning I’ll take the dozen music pieces and play through them on the mandolin to be sure notation is correct.

The step by step drop spinning tutorial booklet I’ve been working on over the past couple weeks was wrapped up last night. It’s so exciting to finally have a printed copy in hand.The first section is devoted to basic drop spinning with wool rovings. The second half is a shorter overview of spinning with silk. Now the test will be if a beginner can actually use it to learn to spin.

Polished and packaged a couple dozen pairs of straight and circular knitting needles today. Also printed out fifty of the hairpin loom set up instructions. Ed made 20 more crochet and Tunisian hooks which I smoothed and signed with name and sizes this evening.

I only managed to thread a few inches of the warp through the heddles today. Tomorrow afternoon I hope to make good headway with finishing the threading. It’s impossible to work on threading at night, the lighting is so poor over the loom. I want to buy a roll around goose neck lamp to move between the loom and table where I write on the hooks & needles.

Tomorrow I’ll wax all the drop spindles and finish the flex crochet hooks which have been drying today. Ed’s allergies to the ebony have kicked in again, in a major way. He felt fluish all day and has a spreading rash. He realized that though he wears protective clothing and uses an exhaust system, the dust gets into his open mason jar of iced tea.

Fiddle practice is coming along better than I’d dared hoped. Maybe the tunes will be under my fingers by Saturday.


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