Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I don't get to Salem very often but the other day I went to help pack lunches for Marion Polk Food Share lunch program. It's sping break for school kids this week and lots of kids need these lunches. I was near Target so decided to pick up a few things for the bathroom which is getting a bit of a makeover since Ed put in the cedar around the bath. (Shopping is not high on my like-to-do list, I'd rather be home or rambling through fields & woods.)

Dollar bins filled with goodies demanding to be thrown in the shopping cart. Next a cute skirt that my daughter would love beckoned, and of course, a blouse to go with it. Make that three. Feeling guilty for impulsive buying I wrestled the cart to the household goods section. Leaving it at the front of an shelf -unobtrusively to the side- I wandered up and down the adjacent rows looking for the right colored curtains for window and shower. Arms full I trudged back to the cart. Gone! Scurrying around looking in other people's carts, scanning the rows and aisles, it was not to be found. Hmm, cart disappears full of impulse goods. A successful escape from Target with checking account still intact.

During a favorite radio broadcast each morning is the perfect time to weave. My hands, feet and mind are all occupied. Today the friction of rubbing through the reed caused one of my handspun wool threads to break. The orphaned end eventually poked its head up from the cloth halting my progress. Fortunately there was some of that yarn left. A darning needle and the yarn deftly attached to the sepearated warp thread and woven through the existing cloth alongside the broken piece has taken care of the problem. I'm slightly holding my breath hoping no more will break. Seldom has a warp thread broken in the past weaving projects that I almost panicked, then decided to ignore it, before coming to my senses realizing it really shouldn't be that big of a deal!

The triple trouble socks continue to challenge my limited knitting skills. As the foot slowly began to take shape it seemed to need ribbing. The pattern just keeps knitting, knitting round and round. But it seems that socks need to have the give and elasticity so I started knitting two, purling two across the tops of the socks. Great news: now the purple tipped needles always work across the tops and the blue needles across the bottoms of the socks. Just that simple visual consistency is easing the trouble of working two circulars at the same time. I'm still not sure what exactly is supposed to happen with the non-working pair when I turn the heels. The directions read to turn them just like the toes. Exactly. Uh, sure. The toes were worked one at a time on one circular then they were slipped onto the other colored needles.

In the past couple days Ed has made 4 dozen Tunisian crochet hooks, sizes N - Q. I managed to polish and write the sizes on them first thing in the morning. They're drying on the rack. Tomorrow I'll put the final finish on and let them dry again. Friday will be my packaging day. There's also about 3 dozen crochet hooks needing to be packaged and the Tunisian.

The cotton chenille has been quietly calling to me to start working on the towel but I've been resisting. Cashmere hair is accumalating which I want to start spinning to see how it spins. But after seeing the Yarn Harlot's carded wool on her blog today, I wonder if I need to card it. Time to do some researching on preparing cashmere for spinning...


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