Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Plunge

This is my first real blog.

After reading many during the past few years, and mind-composing ones almost daily, I'm taking the plunge and going for it.

It's the end of what's been a long day with another one in store tomorrow. Really I should be in bed. My mind's blurry and there'll probably too many typos. This from a person who proofreads.

I've almost finished sewing a large bag for a music stand that my husband made for one of the members in a bluegrass/folk band I play in. His wife is having a surprise birthday party for him tomorrow. I hope to get up early enough tomorrow to finish the smaller bags for the stand parts to nestle inside the large bag. I only haul out the sewing machine after weaving fabric, or to make bags for music stands, other than that, it's pretty neglected.

I'm almost done writing a small drop spinning tutorial. At first it was going to be very simple and brief, with just a few pictures and pages. But I had so much fun taking pictures and analyzing the steps that it's developed beyond expectations. I plan to bind it on Wednesday then take the first copy to a friend who recently learned to spin. It'll be good to get her perspective on how user friendly and instructive it is. I learned to spin in August so it's all very fresh and newly enthralling to me. My latest addiction. :-)

Yarn is hanging limply in my loom, a third of the strands through the heddles. Eventually it'll be jacket for my daughter.

I finished knitting a pair of socks Wednesday evening. The needles are still looped in the toes waiting for the darning needle to free them so the next pair can commence. So far I've had the courage to knit only basic socks for most of my family & friends. A pair of "double trouble" (I think that's what they're called) is partially worked. I got to the place where I need to start working towards the heel (toe up) and the directions aren't very clear. Working on two pairs of circular needles simultaneoulsy has been more complicated than I'd anticipated. I do like the idea of working two at the same time.

Enough for tonight!


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