Saturday, March 18, 2006


The warp is threaded! Ten minutes here, half an hour there, a handspan at a time, and it's done. Crazy -- with tax bookwork looming and music demanding to be learned -- to feel driven about weaving the cloth for SB's jacket.

A week of some intense, concentrated violin practice and another music gig behind Crooked Finger Band. A week's notice, no time to rehearse music that hadn't been played together since last year's fundraiser, let alone looked at until this week, and it all came together.

This evening was one of those performance where we were relaxed, hitting the notes and timing with perfection. (okay, a few babbles) Floating on a cloud. Witnesses? Was it as good as people said? As we felt? Why didn't we think to bring the laptop recorder? People in the food line jigging to the music, little kids dancing and twirling with abandon. The Irish Medley duet with mandolin & fiddle was magic. We were engulfed in a little bubble, our fingers hitting each note in unison spinning out the 6/8 jigs, almost flawlessly. How does one come back down, and go to bed? Even the hour drive home under a starfilled sky along country roads didn't ease the buzz. People wanted Crooked Finger's business cards! Maybe it's time to make some. LOL Last year T turned away several requests for our band. The weekly practice sessions had become drudgery. A performance for Valentine's day went well and breathed fresh life into us. Tonight stoked the desire to play & perform even more. We've been asked to play at the Oregon Garden next month. Yipee.

Classical ensemble practice was this morning. We're basically a double-quartet. We've set a couple performance dates. Low-key, nursing home kind of playing. Still fun. The house where we practice is almost always cold. By noon my second finger was aching & stiff. An old horse training injury to the tendons and knuckles. I was a bit concerned about playing this evening and sure enough by the last few measures of the Irish Medley my finger was bounding off the string through sheer willpower. That place was also cold. Bad combination for that finger: cold and playing for a couple hours.

When I knit for a long spell the base of that finger, around the joint, will stiffen and swell a bit. It's probably good to knit, helps keep it mobile. This afternoon I sat down and knitted on the circular -- two at once socks, for 10 minutes before heading out the door. Knitting is a mellowing, therapeutic exercise. Nerves were starting to congregate in my stomach, knitting broke them up and sent them packing. :-)


Blogger lene said...

"Knitting is a mellowing, therapeutic exercise." I could not agree with you more.
I'm glad you left a comment and I found your blog. It was very nice to read you talk about music and playing the violin. I wish I had been able to listen... I have a piano but it is a long time since I played. I went to a Music School for more than ten years when young. Good playing takes so much time to practise.
The place you live and the things that surround you sound facsinating.

10:53 PM  

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