Monday, March 13, 2006

Double Trouble

I dug out the pair of double trouble socks I'd started over a year ago. The toes dangled from the needles, nothing else. Didn't at least part of the feet get done? A bunch of us were going to Portland for a birthday jam, perfect for knitting something and they were the only portable project on hand. It's all good. Fifteen miles down the road I stopped puzzling over which strand of yarn to begin with and was able to do a couple rows. It's a curious thing to work two socks on two circular needles! It seems to be easier this time around. A few more rows went on tonight, no hurry on these socks. They're a bit misshapen, the transfer from one needle to the next isn't very smooth. Time and experience will go to evening out those joins.

Exciting news. Interweave Press Knit/Crochet magazine is profiling our Hairpin Lace Looms in the May edition! There's even a heading liner on the cover, though no picture. We're excited but also wondering how swamped Ed will be with production. Too much time was spent today fiddling with the packaging trying to streamline the process. Packing ten looms for a store order didn't proceed efficiently enough.

Between packaging orders and trying to organize bookwork the day flew. Didn't get to the violin, or loom. Must practice the violin this week. It was decided last night to say yes to a fundraiser gig next Saturday. Crooked Finger has played for this St. Patrick's dinner for the past four years. When we were asked over a month ago they gave us the wrong date, one that didn't work for most of our band. Yesterday we were told it's this Saturday, would we be available? A quick scramble through work schedules confirmed that all of us are free. Less than a week to take out pieces I haven't touched in a year! I wish Irish fiddle can more naturally to me!


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